How to regenerate your teeth by Cathy Bilsky

goddessYes, this is possible and the information has been out there for over 50 years.  Secrets, secrets, secrets.  Why is this not being talked all?  Bottom line…. Their just isn’t enough money in helping people regenerate their teeth for dentist to share this knowledge.  All the money is in restoration and dentures. Are you surprised?

I will be your short cut and I encourage you all to do more reading on regenerating your teeth. This will give you a good start on thinking that this is even possible. Answers are makes them complex. So I have tried to make it as simple as I can.

So we are to embark on what is called cutting edge dentistry science.

Regenerating your teeth …Basic 101

What happens in your mouth depends on the high concentration of calcium and phosphorus ions that is in your salvia and blood. If you have a decent diet you have a high concentration of these calcium and phosphorus ions in your salvia. If your diet is not good, you’re going to have a lower concentration of them. Diet is very important.


Bacteria causes decay. There are 3 or 4 main decay producing types of bacteria, the two primar y ones are the strep-mutanes, which are the big ones and then after that comes lacto-bacillus.  These bacteria, the 3 or 4 main types which attack our teeth do it by producing toxic waste products in the form of acids that literally eats holes in the tooth enamel. If you want to stop this process, the first thing you have to do is get rid of the infection.

You may also have “molaritis” or “bicuspidate” which is an infection in your tooth. Dentist just refer to these things as cavities to be filled. If you’re a dentist every cavity looks like a filling, NOT A HEALING, but a filling.

To heal your teeth you need to REMINERALIZE your cavities. Your cavities are either getting bigger or smaller depending on the availability of calcium and phosphorus ions from our saliva. Now, if the deposits are coming back onto the tooth structure about as fast as they are leaving, then your teeth stay healthy. If the reverse is true, then a hole starts to develop. If you have a hole in the tooth, it’s nothing more than soft tooth structure, earlier it had more calcium and phosphorus in it.

If you would like to speed up the remineralization of your teeth there is a product on the market called BIOTENE..Oral balance dry mouth moisturizer available at  any pharmacy. They have a tooth paste, however, it does have fluoride in it. For those of you who do not know how poisonous fluoride is that it is used in rat poison. Hitler gave fluoride to the Jews in the concentration camps to make them docile. It effects the front part of your brain that gives you the will to resist. Also called the couch potato syndrome where you have no energy or will to do anything. Nasty stuff. And it is also put it in our drinking water….hummmmm

You may want to make your own toothpaste.

Good ole baking soda is proven to be a good anti-microbial. Remember to brush your tongue. Why do a great job on your teeth only to have them come in immediate contact with the microbes living on the surface of your tongue.             

BACK TO REMINERALIZING YOUR TEETH.    Herbal remedies. Echinacea is a great oral antibacterial. Cover your entire gum line with Echinacea tincture before bedtime and leave it on over nite. Chamomile tea is useful against gingivitis because it reduces inflammation and kills germs. Infuse 2 teaspoons of the herb in a cup of water that has reached a boil and steep for 5 to 10 minutes. Drink a cup after meals. Coenzyme Q10 is a naturally occurring molecule that’s essential for tissue health. A deficiency of coenzyme Q10 has been linked to periodontal disease, and research has shown that is accelerates the healing and repair of periodontal tissue. Q10 capsules can be found at any health food store.

When you have a dry condition in your mouth because your salivary glands are not working correctly any dentist will tell you that the roots of the teeth, the root surfaces, the gum areas that protect the roots, deteriorate at an extremely rapid rate. As you use the Biotene products you are adding a very high concentration of the calcium and phosphate ions in your mouth and you are actually helping to heal these areas that have softened up. “Your salvia contains these same ions on it’s own and if your teeth are perfectly clean and your mouth is in biologic balance, you do not need this product.”


So we now need to focus on the little space down between the neck of the tooth and the tooth itself.  For all practical purposes, lets call it the neck of the tooth disease. This is the area of the biggest amount of problem, and it seldom gets cleaned properly because food and bacteria collects in this space, on the outside of the t ooth and on the tongue side, and we don’t really clean there very well. Flossing doesn’t usually reach these pockets. If you have a dental problem, or any amount of disease or any amount of dental recession, then it is highly  advisable that you use some form of irrigation to clean around the neck of the tooth. Go buy a water pic for they remove a lot of debris from your mouth, especially with tips to flush out those “pockets”                                                                   (page 2) Pockets are nothing more than the same little space we started off earlier which was normal, and which has now gotten deeper and this is called a periodontal pocket. It’s nothing more than a space between the tooth and the gum, and the deeper they get, the more food and the more bacteria pack down in there. The deeper it gets, the more it ru ins the attaching fibers.                                                                                     (page 3)

With a little effort you can enjoy a state of biologic balance in your mouth. You can grow new bone and it grows it right back up the tooth again.

Hydrogen peroxide used in your water – pic  2 to 3 times a day is great for killing bacteria.

Sugar, alcohol and caffeine must go. With these things in the diet, it’s impossible to get the blood elements in balance. Stress can cause gingivitis.

Vitamin  C and vitamin E and maybe A and some D should be added to the diet for balance. For people with stress taking vitamin B complex, C and E will help. Eat a high protein diet, low carbohydrates and wonderful things will happen with your teeth. Usually people who have periodontal disease has what is called a periodontal profile. They are low in Zinc, iron, copper, potassium, magnesium and manganese. Mineral deficiency. It helps to have a sufficient calcium in one’s system so that the saliva contains a fair amount of calcium for teeth.

9 Vital tips for Keeping Your Teeth Healthy for Life   By Tom Cornwell

1. Brush regularly and soon after eating as possible– even after snacking. 2. Select a good toothpaste and stick to it.  Plain ole baking soda will clean your teeth, a great anti-microbial and posses no risk to you. 3. Brush your tongue or use a tongue scraper. 4.Floss at least once a day. 5. Learn how to irrigate the teeth and gums and do it daily. Oral irrigation serves several purposes; it helps remove food particles trapped below the gum line, using the right anti-microbial fluid in your irrigator can help remove the “biofilm” which harbors bacteria dangerous to your oral health and irrigating massages the gums resulting in increased circulation. VERY  IMPORTANT TO DO.  ( You may want to by a large plastic bib for this is really messy.) 6. Irrigate deep pockets with a cannula tip and a good ant microbial solution. This measure is one of the best things an individual can do, on his or her own, to assist in stopping decay where pockets have formed between the tooth and gum. Select an irrigator which can accommodate the tiny cannula tips. Not all do. When irrigating a deep pocket, the cannula tip is small enough to deliv er the ant microbial solution deep ( hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar) where the regular irrigator tip cannot reach. (ask your dentist, if you have one, for help with this.) 7.Nutrition is half the battle. A demineralization and demineralization process is taking place constantly as the teeth are being bathed in healing saliva. The body is equipped to care for itself as long as conditions are right, and as everything else in the body requires good nutrition the teeth and gums are no exception. Staying away from sugars is fine, but don’t forget carbohydrates; cakes, breads, chips.  Vitamin C has long been known as important for healthy gums and a good collidal  mineral supplement will provide the calcium and phosphorus your teeth need. Your strong autoimmune system is one of your best defenses against poor oral health and GOOD food is your best source of vitamins and minerals. 8. White teeth do not necessarily mean healthy teeth. While tooth whiteners remove staining, to some degree, they do not necessarily do the cleaning job required by your other efforts. 9. Choose your dentist wisely.  Pick one that you can ask about ‘periodontal anti-infect ive therapy’ involving home irrigation and ant microbial solutions.  Again, this is cutting edge science and a little effort on your part might keep you away from the “specialist”.


Do a little more research on your own there is a lot  more information out there  and easy to find.

  Here is a start.

Read the book from the dentist that pioneered this info..bless his heart Dr. Robert Nara  :Money by the Mouthful”     and ‘How to become Dentally Self  Sufficient’ Which can be gotten thru                                             (  page 4 )

  Good Luck Cathy Bilsky 45-3611 Mamane St. Honokaa , Hawaii  96727 808-775-9400    ( pacific time)

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