Detoxing the easy way. Quantum Leap 3/4/14 Cathy Bilsky talks DETOX with Pierre Coleman and Clayton Thomas from who specializes in teaching people about the issues like Fukushima fallout, vaccine issues, heavy metal and environmental toxicity issues in the home that affect humans and their pets as well as addressing the causes of the majority of health conditions that your doctor will tell you is a chronic disease or cancer. Please join us for some lively conversation. Tuesday night from 10pm to midnight est on studio B.

This product is part of my earth kit and I want to share it with you.


Spirit turned me on to healing with zeo-lights which is a great product to help us clean up from toxic chemicals. With radiation in the air I am concerned. I have been trying out this product with fantastic results. I have used it for my eyes (2 drops a day) and I see my cataracts disappear. My energy level is through the roof. This product helps your body also absorb all the vitamins and minerals you are taking. My body feels the difference and people keep telling me how good i look. I am VERY EXCITED about this product I called the company up and asked them if I could carry it.

They made it easy so all you do is call the company direct and use the code “Cathy” and you get a 20% discount which is better than the 15% that is now offered new customers. This is truly the easiest detox I have ever done and is gentle on your body.

Call them direct at 1-800-770-2969 and use the code “Cathy” for a 20% discount. (That is $39.80 for a one month supply + shipping.)
Stay healthy… pisses off the reptilians.

ZNatural® 15ml Bottle (30-day Supply)
ZNatural® with DME™ (Detoxifying Mineral Extract) goes beyond the colon and intestines, racing through the bloodstream to capture heavy metals, hazardous chemicals, pesticides and free radicals in organs, glands and cells throughout the body and sweep them away.
ZNatural®’s whole-body cleansing formula is prompt, safe and patented – unavailable in any other product in the world.
• 100% Natural – Toxin removal with only the purest, all-natural ingredients; no synthetics, no additives.
• 100% Safe – All ingredients GRAS listed by FDA; no known allergens, no side effects, no risks.
• 100% Bio available – Permeates the bloodstream, organs, glands and cells throughout the body!
• 100% Exclusive – Nothing like the patented formula in ZNatural® is available in any other product!
• 100% Better – Colon cleansers or herbal tonics can’t compare for Total Body Detox!
• 100% Money-Back Guarantee – If you are not satisfied with ZNatural® for any reason!

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