utting Satanic/Luceferian Energy from the Entertainment Industries. By Cathy Bilsky

Cutting Satanic/Luceferian Energy from the Entertainment Industries. By Cathy Bilsky

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Let there be light! In the name of the presence of God,which I AM, through the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in me I COMMAND:

We cancel clear all illuminati thoughts that it is their destiny to rule.

We cancel clear the law of Thelma which is there is no law beyond “Do what thou wilt.”

We cancel clear all pledges to the “Roc” nation,Gotti and the rain man.

We cancel clear the energy that is creating a satanic religion out of Hip Hop music.

We cancel clear all ties to all illuminati references/symbols of the temple of the sun.

We cut ties to all Masonic symbols.

We command Michael and your band of angels to cut ties to all satanic symbols including the obelisk, dome, eye ,triangle (pyramid), 5 pointed star, black and white checker board squares, masquerade Illuminati balls including people wearing the costume masks, black hats, the all seeing eye as well as subliminal messages that show one eye being covered, a shape of a pyramid, the sun, owl, a rainbow, baphomet and the sign of the triple 6 made with their fingers, peace sign next to the eye, including the devils horn sign. Violet flame the energy to neutralize and transmute all subliminal symbols and signs.

We anchor the violet flame in all pictures that show these signs especially in entertainment of all kinds, including anything recorded on TV/movies, videos, radio, computer, art, magazines, u-tube videos that can be rebroadcast as well as all concerts promoting satan.

We now anchor the violet flame in all satanic/luceferian concerts, lectures, all entertainment done past, present and future. As the violet flame blazes through this miss-used energy it transmutes it to love and now nothing but love flows from these concerts. We cut all energy ties these satanic artists send out to the audience during the concerts to lower everyone’s energy and vibrations and to amplify their own dark works. As we cut this energy to pieces the violet flame automatically transmutes that energy to light so the audience receives an energy that will awaken them so they now see truth, walk out of the concerts and stop supporting satanic artists that have sold their souls to satan.

We call to the higher selves of all concert goers and ask if it is for their highest good they are now re-connected to the Creator then let it be done NOW! As they become awakened spiritual beings the veils are lifted from them so they see clearly how they are being used…and stop supporting these satanic artists. See all these concert fans stop buying their clothing, records, tapes, movies. Let all these people be awakened to the “trends” these satanic artists are trying to start and choose not to be a part of it. We ask the Divine to remove the veils around all these concert goers/fans letting them now “hear “the words of the songs , “see”the satanic symbols and choose not to buy the records nor support these satanic artists in any way.

Instead, let the fans become aware of the artists that have held true and not sold their souls. See all these artists that held true being given lots of abundance and support.

I command Michael the Arch angel to go and cut the ties all these demonic forces have attached themselves too including entertainers,singers, actors, comediennes, athletes, people, places, animals in any concert or public venue. As the demonic forces are cut we tie and bind them, send them through the violet flame to help them clean up their energies then send them back to God filling that space up with an angel of love.
We cut the ties to all rituals calling in the demonic forces that are done in any concert or public venue, anchoring the violet flame to transmute that energy back to light.

We cut ties to all music that has had magic done to it to be successful as well as all satanic magic rituals conjuring up demons and commanding them to attach themselves to the master copies of music & music videos. We cut these demons from all album covers and music, tie and bind them sending them through the violet flame to transmute their energies back to light and send them back home to God. We now fill that space up with an angel of enlightenment.

Cut ties to all energy chants and songs to the rain man, the devil, Ella, illuminati, new world order, chips and stacks, gotti, set . Again send the violet flame through all these satanic references completely neutralizing it transmuting it back to light.

Amplify the energy of the violet flame to burn through out the world between the hours of 11pm and 4am to counter any dark magic being done at these times. As the flame blazes it transmutes all that satanic magic to light becoming neutral harming NOTHING!

For those people that want to leave the club of satan and if it is for their highest good we cut ties to all oaths, vows, rituals, sexual orgies that people are made to do to join the club of Lucifer. May they be guided to people who will help them regain their souls and lives back.

We cut the ties to all the writings on the Georgia guide stones again anchoring the violet flame to the stones to transmute and neutralize all written words.

We call to the Creator to remove all veils of confusion, darkness and magic over all our children. As they reconnect with the Creator let them awaken to the light and choose to stay away from satanic artists and their music. To also remove the veils over the parents so they also are able to “see” clearly the satanic signs, hear the words and not allow their kids to listen nor partake in any concerts that flash satanic hand signs and subliminal messages. Stop satanic child abuse in the entertainment industry.

See people awaken and stop supporting satanic entertainers,musicians, athletes, politicians that have sold their souls to the devil for fame. See these concerts halls empty when satanic sell outs want to bring their tours into town.

We call to the higher selves of all the music, movie, radio, publishing companies to step forward into the light of the Divine Creator, stop being satan’s puppet. If you choose to break free we send you all the energy to your life force as well as all the inspiration you need to do this without being neither hurt nor harmed. If you choose not to walk in the light of God and stay bound to satan/Lucifer, which is your free will, I ask your higher self and guardian angel to put you in a position of harmlessness. I ask the creator to cut ties to all your money gotten from serving satan. I place you ina bubble of mirror that is facing you 2” from your nose that will contain any dark energy or messages you wish to put out. I add the violet flame to this bubble of mirror to transmute all evil energy so you have no more forward movement of any kind. This bubble of mirror stays up 24/7 365 days a year until you choose to do works of good.

As always not our will but thy will be done.


Let’s just say 98% of the industry is satanic. If you understand the signs and hand signals you will see them. ……just go to u-tube and ck this out Illuminati Sellouts Exposed http://youtu.be/PlhU6dGGtrQ

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