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Changing Time (or God please take Lucifer Back!) by Cathy Bilsky

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Changing Time by Cathy Bilsky
It has been brought to my attention how important our thoughts our and how we do create our own reality. I recently watched a video lecture by Lord Ramtha thru J. Z. Knight and one thing that stood out was when he said that we do time travel already and much of what will be soon discovered was planted by us now in the past. Wow sounds like the movie “Back to the Future’ That is a movie about going backwards and forwards in time and how you can change the future by a misplaced sneeze in the past. Simply our military is now messing with time in very negative ways. Backwards..The past and the future.
Wow. I thought to myself. If what we do now and think can change all of life as we know it why not give it a try.
My other questions were “What do we change and how far back should I go?” How can I undo every thing the reptilians in this life time are changing now?
One thing I know for certain we are battling Satan..Lucifer worshippers who are well pretty dark folks.
So I am going to go all the way back and have a discussion with the Creator on kicking Lucifer out of heaven.
Dear God, Creator of all the universes we need to have a respectful talk. I know this is a touchy subject for you and all but we do need to discuss what happened between you and Lucifer. Which resulted in you kicking him out of the house of heaven.
I do feel your pain for Lucifer was your favorite angel who developed a real bad God complex and went a little wild. Maybe you spoiled him a little too much. He was your favorite..and all. I need you to take him back..And all his friends..Into your house of heaven. Don’t tell me you don’t have room for I know you can create a little what we shall call “time out “space for Lucifer and friends. In a corner of heaven somewhere out of the way. They could go to anger management classes and drug/alcohol classes are a must. Boy those little demons really liked their alcohol and drugs didn’t they? I would also suggest some community service time too but it would be wise to separate them.
Please take Lucifer back. Remember you are always teaching us about kindness, compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and others. Can’t you show your favorite angel who really pissed you off some of that Love, kindness and compassion?
This war must stop between the 2 of you for it is earth and all the galaxies that is suffering. I ask you to take Lucifer and pals back so we on earth may move spiritually upward. It would make cleaning up the planet much easier.
Let’s all imagine: Instead of God blowing up in anger at Lucifer We see God putting him in a position of harmlessness keeping him in heaven and sending him back to angel attitude adjustment school. All of Lucifer’s energy is pulled off of the earth.
I also see these changes happening in the help create a better future.
All reptilians or E-T’s coming to earth have their Divine God brain opening and functioning allowing them to become feelers, having emotions, expressing compassion and kindness too all life forms on the planet earth.
The priest and Priestesses sharing all their secret knowledge with the masses with joy.
All the great libraries of knowledge flourish with students from all walks of life. The libraries overflow with books and wisdom of the highest. Sharing all secret knowledge with all who wish to learn.
Hitler’s parents show much love and encouragement for Hitler to express his art. He goes to art school and is given much positive support. He becomes very successful in the art world. He loves Jews, Poles, gypsy’s and Slavic people with many of them his best friends.
The Illuminati becomes their name… the enlightened ones. With no thought of world dominance in their energy fields but the keepers of knowledge which they freely share with the world.
Tesla is sent a Divine spiritual investor who sees all his inventions worth and backs him. The world now has free energy. Tesla and his backer become one of the biggest humanitarians on the planet. His inventions only being used for the good of all life forms.
This is how I see the now & future.

New Paintings

Monday, November 14th, 2011

ganesha painting