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Life after ghana

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Life after Ghana (chapter 6) Last chapt.
Now we are on to new territory which is my life after I got back from Ghana. The person who picked me up at the Hilo airport was the man who rented my apt for the month I was gone. I was very grateful for that for he took a small burden off my mind and I knew that at least my house rent would be covered for Feb. However, on the way back to my house he wanted to talk about some of the people that was suppose to help at the store and didn’t. I let him talk for a few minutes then said in a very tired voice that I didn’t want to her what he had to say for I understood already that the store was closed and I would have to work harder to make up for all the losses I had. I added their was nothing I could do about it now and lets talk about something else. So he did. He went on to talk about the healing class that cost him $1800 for a one week course. And about getting another healing by some remarkable man who would charge him only $200 for the healing. He thought it was a good bargain. My mind was thinking how absurd to pay all that money for a healing class. My sarcastic voice said in my head how nice to be back in Hawaii where everything now has a price to it. There must be something wrong with me…I just spent a month in Africa doing healing service work with no money attached to what I did at all. This conversation just seemed so bizarre to me and I just pretended to be asleep so the conversation ended.
After we got back to the house I asked the man who was renting my apt. if he found another place to live. He didn’t so I asked him if he wanted to rent my bedroom for one more month. If he said yes this would cover my house rent and I can cross that one off my need to pay list. It was only one month…I can do this. I spent the next few hours unpacking and reclaiming my apt.
My car is also not working and I asked my new roommate if he was going to town the next morning and if I could have a ride.
My landlord waited till my store was empty of customers to let me know my rent check bounced…twice..And gave me a payment plan to catch up. All done within the month. He told me to make a decision on what I was going to do and he would be by the next day for my answer. Ahh is good to be back home. It was clear he was not happy and I told him I really didn’t know this happened.
I was very blessed for a friend of mine asked me to do 5 soul retrievals on her animals and payed me ahead of time for them. When I went to put the money thru the credit card machine I saw there were 6 other credits that were never sent though so I could get payed. Then I found all the cash that was just sitting in the back. No wonder my rent check bounced for no one put the money in the bank….wow. I was pleased it was there yet dumfounded as to why it just sat there. No wonder my landlord was a bit angry…on the other hand I have been renting from him for over 4 years and have not had one check bounce. This was my first time and happening while I was out of country. The great miracle in all this was I had my store rent in 2 days. I gave my landlord 2 months rent and cleared up that debt. I did explain how no one walked the money across the street to the bank. He wasn’t happy with me and I just focused on my store.
So much for being able to take time off for getting over jet lag. I was ok with this and kept up a good attitude. I had a Lot of energy in the morning and around 5 to 6 PM my body would just turn off and I would make myself rest. That would become my life for the next 3 weeks. I would save all my energy for work and do as little as I could when I got home. Then again my car wasn’t working so I didn’t have a desire to go anywhere unless I really had too.
I thought I was taking it all in stride until I found all the money not put in the bank. I could not help express myself to the man who was supposed to do this for me as to why it wasn’t done. I am allowed a human moment every now and then. He went outside and quietly left the apt. complex with out answering me. The first words that came to my mind were coward. He just could not face me for his lack of commitment. Oh yes he is also the one I told I was not in love with. He was also responsible for watching my car. When I went to get my car I also found out that it had an extra 250 miles on it. It should not have been driven at all in its condition. He could not look at me when I went to pick up the car.
I was doing ok with getting to work that week for my roommate had a class in Hilo and he was car pooling. I got to drive his car to work. That Friday at the end of the day I started to hear some God-awful drumming that was coming from down the hall and right into my store. With my shot nerves I just could not take the drumming lessons that were now a part of the music school next door. I can handle the bad piano playing…the off key flutes..i was not prepared for drumming. My landlord’s stepson is an exceptional drummer and was now giving drumming lessons. No one mentioned this to me…Surprise. I went to where the drumming was coming from and asked if it could stop for I just got back from Africa and still on jet lag. I also mentioned that I would go crazy if it kept going..Frayed nerves and all. I was so grateful that the drumming stopped.
I got my ailing car back that weekend and all the warning sensors were on. I prayed it back the 12 miles back to my house. I had the part number so I went on line to see if I could find a new or used part. Let me tell you that was pretty frustrating for I am not a car geek and the dealer gave me the wrong part number. And there were no categories for invertors..This is the part I needed. I kept looking on line and found a used part for $495 delivered. I would worry about who would fix it after I got the car part ordered. One step at a time. That way I would not get overwhelmed with the totality of what I needed to do. And gave me time to save up the money I needed for the repair shop.
I didn’t mind the hitch hiking. I was not going to depend on anyone for a ride. It was so much easier that way. I only needed one safe ride in to town…a short 7 mile journey and 7 miles back. I have lived here for 4 years and I know I am not social but someone would know me and stop and give me a ride. I have hitch hiked across country in my younger years so I was not concerned on how to manifest rides. It gave me a new perspective on life with out a car..And I had to manifest sunshine so I wasn’t rained on. I took it all in stride for I wasn’t going to drive my car unless it was going to the garage to be repaired. A little wearing on the mind and body but doable.
I made it clear to my roommate who loved to talk that if he wanted to talk to catch me at my store. After 5 I am not social and wanted some quite time so I could recharge. He stayed in his room a lot after that which worked just great for me.
I was getting a lot of business in the store and I was getting caught up in my bills. I had worked 2 weeks straight….working right through the jet lag. Again on Friday the drumming started. I went back and asked if it was possible to have the drumming lessons after I closed the store at 5 or before I opened my store at 10; 30. The reply was no and he felt I was being intolerant. Then my landlord came to join in the conversation and started to yell at me that no matter what was said nothing would change. I calmly asked him why he was yelling at me. As he walked away he told his stepson and I to work it out..Then added that it didn’t matter for nothing would change. I felt like I was hit in the gut. I looked at his stepson and said maybe I was a little intolerant for I did just get back from Africa and I was still getting over jet lag. I have only been renting there for 4 years and a heads up about the drumming lessons would have been nice. If someone would have told me about the drumming I could work around it then. If it was too bad I could just close early. I went back to my store and started to send out lots of love to help my landlord calm down.
As I closed my store for the night I walked by my competitions store down the street who was closing down for lack of business. She told me my landlord asked her to come and rent from him for he had a store front opening. He was offering her my store front. She declined.
This was the last challenge I thought I would have before me…landlord wanting to replace me.
Then I got a registered letter in the mail. Normally I would not take something that was registered. This was from my landlord. It was sent out Feb 22, letting me know the rent bounced and I had 15 days to pay up or get out. I did have that corrected by paying my rent in full. The totality of it all was very overwhelming for me and I started to overload.
I wrote to Prem Baba and asked for help.
This is the letter I wrote to Prem baba that night…
“ well i am starting to overload. How is that for being direct and too the point. I think i handled my car breaking down before I left and the dealer telling me it would cost $6,000 to fix. for I didn’t need the car in Africa. I think i made the right decision before I left in not paying my sales tax to the state, which was /is $640. if I did I would have had no money to go to Africa. I left with $678 dollars in my pocket.
I put my full attention on the task before me and it was pretty wonderful. It was very nice to be able to just focus on healing and spirit for the month.
I thought I handled it pretty well when the day before I arrived in Hawaii I learned that my store was closed for most of the month so none of my bills for that month were payed. No problem I said to self it just looks like I have to work harder.
I thought I was ok when I had to go to work the next day…no jet lag time off for me. And been working everyday since.
I was ok when my landlord told me my rent ck bounced …twice. and gave me some ultimatums to pay it back. I must admit I did loose it a bit when I found out that there was some money made..And I was very grateful…until I saw that no one took the cash and walked it across the street to my bank and put it in. I worked thru that.
I was able to pay the rent before the due date.
I thought that was taken care of.. I was even ok..a bit disappointing that my landlord on Feb. 22 sent me a pay up the rent in 15 days or you are out eviction notice. I let that pass for he mailed it before I came home and payed him so that was null and void.
I don’t even mind the hitch hiking I have to do until my car is fixed..And I am delighted to say that spirit helped me find the car part i needed for only $495 delivered..And I have it coming to Hawaii..Then the labor will only cost $450…or less..Way under the $6,000 original price. I am meeting new friends and being way more social.
I thought i was working threw and helping my daughter and my friends that think I have special prayer powers now. Every one has them..Right. ?
I guess i should have asked you to help me hold the earth keeper energy for when it is left alone the dark forces come in.
and my crystal was left alone for most of the month..ahh hind site. Next time I will for sure ask.
Now my landlord for some bizarre reason is very unhappy with me and is looking for a reason to kick me out.
He yelled at me today because I asked his stepson..Who is now teaching drumming lessons if they can be taught after my store is closed and I am gone. .He yelled that it was going on no matter what I wanted. I just asked him very calmly why he was yelling at me. And it would have been nice to give me a heads up so I could have prepared better. I am still in jet lag and a little on edge to the sound of drums vibrating down the hall into my store.
I am titling just a little. Why he is acting this way I am very puzzled for I have been there for over 4 yrs and I thought a pretty good and quiet tenant. I also found out he was trying to find someone to replace me while i was gone.
This does not give me warm fuzzes.
I need help either raising his energy to where he is again comfortable with me or lowering the crystal energy to where he is comfortable with me. I am not in a position to move nor is there much to move to in town.
I need help I know God thinks a lot of me and we are not given more than we can handle..Well I am now tilting and am truly overloading. I know I don’t look it but I am going on 57. And yes my energy far surpasses most people on earth and I am not that young chicky anymore.
I am wearing down.
I won’t be any use to the Divine if I don’t get some kind of plateau to rest and recoup on.
I put it all in your and Sai Baba’s hands and going to bed now so I stop thinking.
Then a few hours later I wrote Prem Baba again
“Dear Prembaba;
I forgot to tell you my heart hurts and I think that is a big reason I am writing to you to night.
I am sure it will all pass. I don’t like it when I have these human moments. And I am having one now.
Am I flunking my tests?
I need a Divine recharge.”
I was not capable of doing anything at that point. Then my good friend reminded me that I was in a bit of shock since I got back…oh how true that was. I realized that I was in a much higher vibration in Africa than I was now surrounded in Hawaii. She also reminded me that for the last month I was in a totally different culture and it will take at least 21 days for me to readjust to Hawaii. I was also concerned for my heart started to hurt. Oh those human moments we have. The next couple of days my landlord had a hard time coming near the building which gave me a little bit of comfort. I also kept blasting him with divine love, keeping a smile on my face all the while.
The next day was Sunday and I was home after working the store just lying on the couch because I was so burned out. I wasn’t able to do anything else. As I layed there I could feel this warm energy come in to my heart. It just kept getting hotter and hotter. I knew Prem Baba was sending me the energy I needed….and the Divine Recharge I asked for. Tears started to come out of my eyes….I was so grateful to receive the energy. I was grateful that Prem Baba gives me this wonderful attention. I would only let a few tears come out for I also knew that too much crying would have not been good for my body. I just soaked up all that High energy that was being sent to me and as it came into my heart chakra the discomfort in my heart calmed down.
I wrote Prem Baba a few days later………………….

My Dear Prembaba;
Thank you for all the energy you have sent me. My dear girlfriend pointed out to me that I was in a bit of shock and slight trauma since I have been back. I already explained why. I took some rescue remedy and did some radionics to help me pull back in body and calm down. It worked and I poured some on the large crystals for if I was in trauma I can imagine the crystal feeling the same after being in the dark for most of the month and not worked with.
The energy you sent to my heart was very welcomed and it calmed down a lot. It aches just a little now and not very often.
I started the day watching whales play and jump out side my balcony..What a view.
I also made enough money today to cover my car repair (now i am just waiting for the part to come in..And the first early morning I can get from the dealer to fix it. I am there…..Well Then I will have to pray it all the way to Hilo 45 miles to the dealership. The part that is being replaced is the one that connects the battery to the engine called the inverter. All the dashboard lights are on and it could make it all the way or just stop running. I am opting for making it all the way and the repair man being Divinely efficient and organized and get the work done in less than 3 hours..perfectly.
I am slowly catching up with the material and am very grateful.
It sure is easier just having to focus on just healing and spiritual growth. Right now I keep sucking down blessed Prembaba water/lingam water and vibbutti.. The perfect tools to go thru spiritual growth with.
Thank you again for all the help you gave/are giving me. And group energy rocks.
Big hugs

The next day I was impressed to start the car up. To my delightful surprise none of the warning sensors were on. All I could think of was wow Prem Baba you are really good at working with energy. I am still not going to drive it till I go to the dealership. Not too much longer to hitch hike…..I can do this.
I took the hitchhiking in stride. Some days I could go in with my neighbor and some days I was on the road with my music and thumb out. Some days I had to walk a few miles. On those days I figured spirit wanted me to get some exercise. Besides the days were sunny and beautiful. I was walking along some of the loveliest scenery…the ocean….that now I could really take the time to admire and appreciate.
That was most of my month…..hitch hike or find a way to work….work…come home and relax. Not very exciting hugh?
I finally got my car part, had an appointment with the dealership 2 days later. The sensor lights remained off and my trip to the dealer was easy. They fixed the car in 2.8 hours, charging me $440.
The total repair for the car was $940. Far less than the $6,000 estimate. Granted I got a used part. Which was in my budget. Everything I asked Prem Baba for had happened. Miracles are Prem Baba.
I now had wheels again and did it feel like heaven.
I did mention that I had a roommate for the month. I was doing Ok and tolerating his singing and competing with my music for the first few weeks.. a few years ago he took some music lessons. All I can say was thank God for those music lessons for I could imagine what he sang like before. To my ears he wasn’t a Kenny Logins impersonator and was beginning to grate on my nerves. You know like someone running their fingernails over chalk board. And the man never went anywhere. I thought I was a home body…..And I am…..Except I go and work in my store everyday. I call my store my day home. He was always there at the apt…in his room coming out for air every now and then.
Finally the last week I kind of snapped just a bit…But I thought in a very calm way….I asked my temporary room mate to use his own computer….To stop singing over my music. If he didn’t like my music to wear his ear plugs..and to not sing when I was home. And that he needed to leave the next day for a few hours so I could have some real quite time at home. I have a small apartment. If I could not control the noise at my store the least I could do for myself is control; my home environment. I needed some peace somewhere. The home seemed a very logical place to start. I also let him know that he needed to be out on the last day of the month by 5:30. I really needed my space back. He was ….in his own way…..Trying to show who was dominate. And he lost for my name is on the lease.
It is finally the end of the month and I have my car back, my roommate is gone so I have my apt. back. I got most of my bills caught up. Granted I worked the whole month of March…and so far April. But the business came in and bills got taken care of. I still have my taxes to pay and see that being taken care of this month.
I look back and tell myself all this happened in only 2 months. Good thing I took it one day at a time.
I walked away from the mundane to focus on doing service work for a month and in the end the Divine took very good care of me. My landlord has calmed down and now can at least give me a smile every now and then. I noticed that carpet was put on the back wall where the drumming lessons are being given.
I do appreciate the effort and I see some compromise happening. If the drumming is just too much for me I make Friday an early day. I would rather loose 2 hours work than my mind. That compromise works well for me. I don’t mind going home early to hide and recharge in my cave/home…or go to the ocean…I am sure I can find somewhere else to go that will give me great joy and peace.
That’s it . I am pleased to say I am done writing….at least I think I am.
Thanks to everyone for all your encouragement to keep writing.
Thanks for reading.

Ghana part 4

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Ghana part 4(last week in Ghana)
Once again before I go forward I must go back a bit. You may have noticed I have not put any names in my writing. I have not gotten anyone’s permission to use their names and it would be just too darn hard for me to make up names and remember them. If this does become a book that will be changed but until then every one can remain anonymous. I must touch base on the group I was staying with in Tamale. They do bring in volunteers all the time to help them and the people of Ghana. With their own limited resources they have started a school for girls, paying the tuition, books, and cloths and supply them with bikes. They go out to villages helping with whatever they can and are now starting to break ground for a free healing clinic in one of the villages. Very inspiring group to hang out with. They are open to donations.
As much as I praise Ghana let me be clear here in saying that the people are pretty nice yet they have a pretty corrupt government..Much like the United States government is corrupt. I did not have to deal with the government at all just the locals so the trip was fairly easy. Yes there are also hustlers and untrusting people in Ghana…However that kind of crowd can be found in any country and if you are new meat in town then you are ripe for the pickings and must be careful. Because I kept my connection to the Divine I only drew to me loving, kind and helpful people.
The Divine kept me on a very tight budget…..basically giving me just enough to get by. I can see the wisdom in this for then I didn’t have any desire to travel and just see the country like a normal tourist nor focus on what I could buy to put in my store. I was able to give my mission 100% of my attention. It would have been nice to go see the wild elephants, monkeys and crocodiles. To do this I would have had to travel another 2oo miles north of Tamale, which would have taken a lot of time and money I didn’t have. I will just have to watch more animal planet on TV when I got back home. A friend said she would send me a little extra money and then she never got my info on how to do it that I e-mailed to her. With my brain like it was I thought she just changed her mind never thinking of the possibility that she didn’t get the info. I went to plan B which was to put in the $300 my friend said I could use in an emergency. I was down to my last $40. This was an emergency. Even that was blocked for all I could pull out of my account was $140. I didn’t know no one pressed the enter button on my visa/master card machine to put the money through. I figured if I was really careful the $140.00 would last me the 1-1/2 weeks I had left in Ghana. In reality it wasn’t and my son came through for me and sent me a little more money the last week I was in Accra. That gift was priceless and it was enough for me to get home, get through customs and have a little extra left that allowed me to send it to my daughter who was in need.
It is amazing how the Divine just worked it all out.
OK let’s just recap what the Divine expected of me on this trip. I was to accept whatever came my way with the same balanced emotions. Neither getting too happy or upset. Keeping my emotions on an even keel. Don’t focus on any outcomes. Bless the heck out of my food. Wait on the will of the Divine for directions and go for those open doors. Watch my words, deeds and actions and be happy with what I am given. Have faith that I will be taken care of and keep my focus on God. And do lots of service for those in need. No problem I can do that.
Now we can move forward some to my last week in Accra with the Sai Baba group.
All I can say is I see why God did not let me connect with them in the beginning for I would have stayed in Accra. What a high energy group to be around. What living examples. They were kind, caring, giving, fun, spiritual, tolerant…I could go on and on with praise for them but I think you get the idea. It was much easier for me here for any one that needed healings came to me. I was given a lot of grace and able to hold some sacred belongings that had to do with Sai Baba. One was holding his robe, which is not something people that have them let you do. Sai Baba manifested for this woman a lingam amethyst and crystal egg. I got to hold that along with receiving some blessed lingam water. And got to hold a ring that Sai Baba manifested for this same person. She received a lot of grace from Sai Baba and shared the grace with others. This may have little meaning in your life but for me these experiences were priceless and Sai baba could not have given me any finer gifts. But that is me …give me a crystal throw in a rainbow and I am happy.
The last week I healed, taught a lot of people how to use the Angelite and did a few soul retrievals. It was great. Not only did I get to teach but I learned a lot about some new herbs. Other than go to the computer place to keep my connection with everyone at home, that sums up the whole week. I was in a high spiritual energy that gave me security and much comfort. I was overwhelmed at the end with all the gifts I received from the Sai group. Money donations, food, beads, dresses, bottles of water, massages, lingam water, then I was sprinkled with lots of kindness and love. Was it hard to say good bye? Yes it was and it was time for me to come home. I left the rest of the Angelite with the Sai group. I know this chapter seems a bit short…this was a time of no drama…..just high spiritual energy. Little did I know that this was a time I needed all the high energy I could get to get me ready for all the drama I had when I went home to Hawaii.
PART 5. The Journey Back to Hawaii
I am glad I listened to the advice that was given to me to go to the airport very early. There are no machines to go thru everything is done by people. Bags are checked 4 or 5 times then you have the x-ray area. Lots of lines to stand in. By coming early the lines were short and got very crowded 30 minutes after I was there. The plane was delayed 2 and ½ hours because of a light sensor. Just when the pilot was going to say we need a new plane the problem was fixed. During the wait I gave my inside seat up to a woman who wanted her husband to sit next to her during the flight. She ended up helping me with my bags and get to the van at our layover in New York….kindness returned.
The result of this delay was I missed my connection to the Denver airport where I would have had a 10 hour night layover. Not something I was really looking forward to and was ready to crash on the airport floor if I had to. But I didn’t have to. The delay made me miss this part of the journey. I got to go to a nice hotel for the short night, had a nice hot was 32 degrees in New York….warm bed and 2 food vouchers for the next day. I was rerouted and got to skip Denver all together which made me very happy. The delay turned out to be very positive. It was here that I learned that the store was closed for most of the month of Feb.
I just took a lot of deep breaths and figured I would be working a lot to make up for the store being closed..Hence no business. I had faith that no matter what happened the Divine would work it out and everything would end up OK. The drama was just beginning. I did my best to maintain a detached out look and made myself go to bed for there was nothing I could do till I got back home. I did my best not to think about this too much and watched movies on the many flights I had.
Part 6 will be my challenges I had to go thru during the month of March. I will say I have had happier homecomings. The initiation did not go away when I got back home and if anything was amped up. Spirit really tested me to the max.
It reminded me of what happens after you see Sai Baba in India. You receive all this Divine grace and karma burning…a real spiritual high. Then you get back home and what is waiting for you is a lot of hard challenges to overcome and get through. Many people have chosen not to go back and see Sai baba in India because of these experiences.
All my bubbles of illusions that everything was OK was now being burst and I will be given a lot of chances to put everything I learned…or thought I learned into practice.
And the rest for later..

Ghana part 3 Tamale

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

My Spiritual Journey thru Ghana (Tamale) part 3
I forgot to mention that before I left for Ghana part of my prayers included that my trip was not filled with lots of drama. I also wanted to find people that resonated with me and wanted to hear what I had to teach. And with hindsight I guess I should have asked for no drama after I got back home ….., big ooops. Next time I will.

Before I go forward to Tamale I will go back to Accra one more time. One of the people watching my store was a man I was very fond of and always kept him in the friend zone. He called me an enduring term via computer communication…darling…I panicked! I asked him to watch his words or I would take him seriously, also telling him I thought we were great friends and needed to keep it there.
Remember this Leo wasn’t looking for romance from abroad or home. The end result was he didn’t like what I said and decided to not go near my store while I was gone so my store stayed closed for most of the month of Feb. The money that was made was not put into the bank and my landlord was looking to replace me for my rent check bounced…..twice. Ahh yes big big drama. I have only been renting from him for 4 years and to see his response was an overload for me for that was the last thing I thought I would have to deal with. I am still working on calming this down.
I was not supposed to focus on the material this trip. Before I left I put it all in the hands of the Divine to take care of. I keep forgetting that it is not easy to be around my earth keeper crystals. So to have people react in a strange way after being around my big crystals is nothing new to me and such a disappointment when they can’t maintain some kind of positive balance.
If I would have known I still could not have done much from Ghana. I had the illusion that all was kind of well. I kept my focus on the Divine and the job before me knowing that what ever happened that spirit would take care of me and my needs.
Let’s jump to Tamale. Because I waited to see where the doors would open it was very magical and the group the Divine placed me with was a very high energy group. The man that picked me up at the bus station was Christian, where I was sleeping the woman was catholic and the man that took me everywhere and opened up many doors for me to do my work was Muslim. Very well rounded spiritual group. That is what you will find in Ghana..Religious tolerance. What a concept. Every one lived in harmony and no one really cared what your religion was. I was pretty amazed for here I just read Saibaba’s Gita and I find all these people living it. They never read it and they are living examples of what the book wants you to be and do. Truth is truth. They were living and practicing the best of their religion. Doing service, being kind, compassionate, giving, having tolerance, volunteering and just down rite nice people. I did not fear for my life or safety all the time I was in Ghana. And being a white woman traveling by herself this says a lot of the Ghanaians character.
I was given a wonderful guide that opened the doors by explaining to everyone what I could do in a way so people let me take them out of pain. I didn’t care where we went each day and let him guide me and take me around where he wanted me to go. It didn’t matter to me for everyone could use my skills. Because I had a Muslim guide I worked on a lot of Muslims. I heard from a few people that Muslims were more open then Christians with alternative healing. Tamale was more Muslim than Christian. I did work on Christians too with the tilt more to Muslims. As I said it didn’t matter who I worked on as long as they were open. I was really taken care of.
My first healing test was when I was given the opportunity to take an old African healer out of pain for he said someone cursed him and he was not able to do his job. Easy. He was so very happy when I was done that he wanted to give me a Guiney hen as a donation.(a live bird). I was relieved when none could be found and he gave me 4 yams instead.
I was asked many times what religion I belonged to. My answer was always the same. I belong to no religion except the religion of love. I honor all religions. When I am in need I go directly to God and carry my church in my heart. I don’t care what religion anyone was I served all in need. That is my truth. I didn’t go there to try and convert anyone and unless someone asked me about Sai Baba or Prem baba I did not talk about them. Of course when they did ask I was delighted to share my stories and personal experiences with them. Otherwise I was very quite.
As I worked on people I noticed that they all had basically the same challenges, kidney problems, lungs, head aches from their cell phones or their chest hurt from carrying very heavy loads on their heads. When I do my work I like to guide people to solutions so they can heal quicker. Like herbs and natural remedies that can be gotten real easy. My challenge in Tamale was they did not carry things that I would recommend here in the US. If you have a kidney problem, eating cooked asparagus and drinking cranberry juice for three days can help clean the kidneys out. These could not be found in Accra. I did a lot of praying on this asking for guidance on what to do.
One morning I walked outside of my room and I saw some young people putting all kinds of jars out on the wall cleaning them and taking inventory. I was so delighted when I picked them up and saw that the were all herbal remedies for all kinds of health challenges. Just what I was looking for to guide people to use. I just love in when the Divine sticks it right in front of your face. My problem was solved and now I had a place to guide people to. Spoil me God. My question was now how good were the herbs? I felt very encouraged when my hostess said that when she got sick with Malaria that she took the herbs for malaria and it healed her in 2 days. That was very impressive.
It was about this time that I had my first health challenge. My feet were getting very hot. It would come and go and was not comfortable. I put my ego aside and put this challenge out to all my friends and asked them for their opinion. Really folks there is no book I can read for guidance when you are on the learn by doing program and you are the first. I was very happy with the responses. Well most of them were helpful I tossed out the one from a bad psychic who said I needed to get a check up because of my age. Bong…bong …bong…wrong answer and not helpful at all. Some of the other suggestions were I could have parasites, kidney and liver problems, an entity hanging around my legs and I need to ground better. Those are all suggestions I could work with. So I went to the herbal nurse and said what do you have for parasites, kidney and liver I want them all…Remember I am a Leo and if a little is good then a lot must be great. I started to soak my feet to pull out toxins I may have. I started on the kidney and parasite cleanse. Gee now I would get first hand experience on how the herbs worked. A few days later after I had some quite time I really looked at my feet and saw I had a simple case of really bad foot fungus. Oh did I have a good laugh on me. When my brain could function I remembered that vinegar gets rid of fungus and got a bottle applying it to my feet 2 times a day. That brought it under control immediately, the heat went away and another problem simply solved. I did not take my shoes off after that and started to wear socks everywhere I went. Ahh yes the learn by doing program.
I started to get sick from all the mango trees being in bloom. I started to sneeze and my nose started to drip like a faucet. I am sure this had a little to do with going around everywhere on a moped breathing all the dust and pollution. The first nite this happened and again my brain was pretty dull so it was a challenge to think. As I was sitting on my bed all I could think of was I would have given anything for a contact cold capsule to dry my nose up . No I didn’t have the fore site to bring any with me. I was sitting on my bed trying to think what I could do..And yes praying for guidance. I went to look in a black bag someone gave me with odds and ends in it for healing. Like band aids, scissors, and just odd stuff for lack of better words. I looked at it when I got it and really didn’t pay much attention to what was in the bag. When I opened it I found a homeopathic remedy …..And this is the best part …it was for runny noses. I did start to chuckle. It was exactly what I needed

What are the odds? The main thought that came to my mind right after immense gratitude was wow the Baba’s are really taking good care of me. Did my friend put the vial in there or was it spirit manifested? I really didn’t care at that point I was just very grateful to have it. That got me thru the night. The next morning I said to self go ask the herbal nurse if she has anything to help stop my allergy. Of course she did. Between the homeopathic remedy and the herbs I stayed healthy for the rest of the trip.
All I did in Tamale was take people out of pain with my Angelite tools and love….. Energy to all you left brainers. Then gave away my tools so that person could keep healing and help their family.
All the time I did my healing I did not focus on any outcome at all. I just did the work. It was not a strange day for me to work on anywhere between 30 and 50 people a day. I probably gave away more than. 400 tools during my healing mission. Because of all the energy flowing through me all the time I had pretty high energy. I helped…(.God working thru me for I am just the instrument He uses as a Divine tool.)..every one I touched.
It was great when all I had to do was to take people out of pain, teach and stay connected to the Divine.

It gave me great joy to stay in that high energy.
After about a week in Tamale I decided that maybe I should just stay there for the people were so receptive. Ha the Divine said…..and He let me make connections with the Sathya Sai Baba group….well at least one of them so that door started to open for me. I was so delighted to connect. Now this tells you the character of Sai Baba devotees….he was willing to come meet me the. 10miles or so by bicycle for his car and motor bike were in need of repair. I asked my guide to take me to him on his motorbike. I was not going to miss this opportunity to connect. We got on the motorcycle and went to him. After listening to this man talk I new he also lived the SaiBaba Gita. That warmed my heart. He invited me to use his house if I needed a place to stay. He was going out of town and the house would have been empty. How kind. I thought about it for a short time and declined for where the Divine put me was really perfect and was easy for me to get around. I was also teaching the other people in the house how to heal. I did want to be with the Sai group in Accra so I said I would like to be there the last week I am in Ghana. He said he would see what arraignments could be made and I left.
The rest of the trip was being filled up by the Divine and I just needed to go with the flow.

My catholic hostess had such a big heart that when she realized the healing work I was doing….and taking it to the people she decided to only charge me for food, which came to only $3.50a day. I did give her a little more money before I left and as soon as my finances are in better shape I will send her some more.

My handsome guide was hard to say goodbye too. He had also become my apprentice and stills continue to heal in Tamale. I really expect him to go beyond what I can do one day. It is all about practice and just doing.

That’s all I did in Tamale was go out and heal people…..then rest. I did go to a wedding at the end and I did more healing work there for it was my guide’s brother wedding. It was the least I could do to repay his kindness and attention he gave me.

I made it thru another 2 weeks with out getting sick and accomplishing a lot with the healing I was doing. And I managed not to fall in love and complicate my life. I made a lot of new friends and I hope we will continue with the friendship.

I must say that everyone works in Ghana. I was so impressed with all the small ma and pa business all over. Very enterprising people. I didn’t see a mall at all. Did I miss it? Not one bit. Being a business owner myself I enjoyed supporting the local small business. I kept my eye out for something to take back to sell at my store. It was hard for I didn’t have any money to buy nor was I thinking real clear about the material. One thing that caught my eye was all the beautiful cloths the Ghanaians wore. Most of the cloths were tailor made to you.. It didn’t matter what your size was the dresses made you look beautiful and stunning. depending on the material. I did indulge and had a few dresses custom made for me….it was pretty affordable. I could not come back completely empty handed now could i? I always receive compliments when I wear them here in Hawaii and people ask me where they can get them. The other thing that caught my attention was the natural herbs. Those are great and hope to bring the line into my store.

I was ready to be around Sai Baba devotees. I made the ticket back to Accra for the next Monday which would give me one week to be with the Baba people. I thought that that would be more than enough time…wrong again.

And that will be the next chapter

My Spiritual journey through Ghana Part2

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

My Spiritual Journey to Ghana by Cathy Bilsky (part 2)
Right before I left to Ghana Haiti had a large devastating earthquake and many people asked me why I didn’t go there. Well….Because God had me booked to go to Ghana and I didn’t have any extra money to change my flight. I may have gone if I wasn’t already committed. Truly after I saw what was happenening in Haiti and our government sending in troops instead of doctors I new without a doubt that I would be much safer in Ghana than Haiti. I did not have a choice for again I was already committed to Ghana.
Before I left I was able to rent out my apt for the month so I knew whatever happened at the store my house rent was covered and that did give me some peace of mind. The rest I had to leave in God’s hands.
My family asked me to stay connected and call them once a day so I got an I-phone 2 days before I left and then learned how to kind of use it on the way to Ghana between airport connections. Big lesson in patience. I spent most of my time talking to AT&T to understand what I could do and not do in Ghana and the US. I thought I would be able to use it for the computer…ahhh dream on.
While I was in the air I started to read Sai Baba’s Gita and started to cry ..just a little.
God was giving me a manual on what he expects from me during my journey. The tests that I would be given and how I was suppose to act while I was going thru them. What a gift. It is such a blessing when God gives you a heads up that you will be tested and what you need to do to pass.
The man that rented my apt for the month I was gone helped me remember how to travel. I was to take whatever God sent my way and keep a smile on my face. Be grateful for whatever I was given and roll with the situation. I can do that and got a good start on that lesson when my car went down.
I was not worried about my safety for I was traveling with what I called “The Baba Boys”. These are some very high spiritual beings that I like to think that i not only work for but I call out too when I am in any kind of trouble and the trouble straightens out like magic.
Sathya Sai Baba is still alive living in India. He is around 86 and I consider him God living on earth. This is my truth I am speaking with a conclusion I have come to after many personal experiences with Sathya Sai Baba who I believe is a truly highly evolved being in my eyes . I have been working with Sai Baba for more than 20 years.. I have been given the grace to go to see him in India 3 times and my truth is he is God living on earth. Sai baba walks his talk and lives his truth. He honors all religions believing that all religions are one. That we all belong to the religion of love. He also believes in doing service for others. After my second trip to India I had a dream where I was in a temple and was being attacked by night creatures. I held my ground and started chanting “Om Sri Sai Ram”. As I did this the creatures fell back and were gone. I always say this when I am in any kind of challenge and the danger always backs away from me.
Then we have Shridi Sai Baba. This was Sathya Sai Baba’s last incarnation. When I was a very young girl and was learning something new like roller skating , snow skiing or ice skating I always had an old man with a white beard appear and teach me, staying with me until I got it and could do it on my own. Then he was gone and I never saw him again. Yes I do believe this was the Divine being Shridi Sai Baba. When Shridi was alive he slept one night in a Hindu temple and the next night in a mosque. He also tried to teach about religious tolerance.
The last of the baba boys is Sachcha Prem Baba who is only 41 and a pretty amazing being on his own. He is from Brazil with many accomplishments. He is a psychologist that went thru the initiations to become a Shaman. Studied many religions on his own to end up finding His Divine master in India that helped him become self realized. I have tested this man a lot and he passed all my tests. He has become a teacher of mine and has helped me go beyond the stuck state I was in and move forward on my spiritual path. I don’t know how I earned the grace of this man and I don’t really care. Maybe one day I will know but it is not really important for we have a very sweet connection that cannot be easily broken.
When I am in trouble I have called to Prem Baba and the help I need always appears. My last miracle with Prembaba…well maybe the last 2. One I started to overload when my store landlord was giving me some challenges after I got back from Ghana. Spirit pushed me to my limit and after calling to Prem baba for help it straightened out. But this is a story for later and not now. My last miracle was when I wrote to Prembaba and told him about my car challenges and what was wrong with the car. My dash lights were lit up like a Christmas tree telling me caution, danger, etc….which was true for the inverter was going out on the car. After I mentioned this to Prembaba I started the car the next day and all the lights were off. No this was not a coincidence. If anyone wanted to quantum leap their spirituality I would suggest you become a devotee of Prem baba.
Like I said with all the Baba boys with me I felt very very protected. Ahh yes I am sure the woman were watching out for me too like Ammachi, the hugging mother from India. But for some reason in this life time I am more drawn to the male energy.
I must add that all my teachings and guidance from the Baba boys are all internal. All my guidance came from within and my inner knowingness.
I will admit that the day before I was to get on a plane for Ghana I was a bit shaky. This also happened right before I landed in Accra Ghana. Let’s just call it having human moments.
I started to read Sai Baba’s Gita on one of my many flights to Accra. What a gift the book was. It told me ..again ..How I was to take things. Neither getting really excited or sad and to take each step of the way with a smile. It talked about the tests that we are given to see if we can push thru the challenges and keep moving forward. If we couldn’t push through are challenges we were not much use to God. It also reminded me that simply blessing my food will keep the food clean and remove all negative vibration that could have been put into the food from the cook. Believe me I blessed the heck out of my food and I think it worked for I did not get sick at all from the food I ate. Big tips on how to get thru my trip with grace and ease. And then their was the chapter on how we use our words …..Ouch that one really sent the arrow home to my heart. For what came up for me was a friend I hurt very deeply with my words. All my anger and hurt was directed on someone I cared for a lot.. My poor friend got a lot of my dark side and the anger I carried for my ex-husband was directed at the wrong person. I lost his friendship. We always hurt the ones we care for the most. Learn by doing program even if we are not doing it very nicely. They say the greater the disruption the greater the growth. I got to grow in leaps and bounds this time. My heart still hurts over this lesson.
So let’s now jump to Accra and my stay at the Crystal Hostile. What a nice safe place to get over jet lag and try and figure out what I will do. My original thought was to take all my Angelite and go to the largest refugee camp, find a place to stay and go to work. Reality check. I only had less than $650 now to work with. Very little in the budget for car rental. I could not drag 2 suitcases filled with rocks around..and my backpacks…all over Ghana with no car . I went on the computer and started writing to people on Face book, and looked to see who would want me as a volunteer. I got a little nervous for in the beginning I received no response or simple no thanks …don’t need volunteers right now. It was a little hard to not take it personally. After the 3rd day I e-mailed a man from some town called Tamale. As I was sending him a note I got some chills and thought maybe this man will be important. A man also came in to the hostile that was a guide and I asked him if he new of any Sai Baba devotees in Accra. He said he would check and we exchanged phone numbers. He called me that nite just delighted for he had some phone numbers of the Sai Baba devotees. Right after he called I called the numbers and was very disappointed that all I got was an answering machine. No one returned my calls.
During all this I was able to connect with a very good psychic who gave me a little guidance via the internet. She would reassure me that it was ok to just sit and wait for I needed to rest to get over jet lag and the person I needed to connect with was on his way. It did calm me a little. Finally I had a talk with God and said “If all he wanted for me to do was just pray the whole month in Ghana I had enough money to cover the hostile. That is all I would do. I finally released it all to Sai baba and Prem Baba’s hands. What ever the Divine wanted me to do I was ok …whatever it was to be. However I did add that if you want me to do more than just Pray and you want me to do any teaching then you have to open the doors and show me. I also asked Sai baba what have I done wrong for you won’t let me connect with the Sai Baba group here…..
The next day something opened up for me and I heard back from the man from Tamale inviting me to come to his village for they could use my gifts. I did share with him that I was on a very tight budget and asked if he could find me a place to stay in Tamale I would come. I was a little happy for Tamale was 400 miles north and I would at least see some of Africa even it was from a bus. I went and got the ticket for the next Sunday which was 2 days away. After I made the commitment I got a response back from a Dr. in the middle of the country. I wrote I would try and be there the last 2 weeks I was in Ghana.
I still could not get in touch with the Sai organization. I did have the thought that I was being blocked from seeing them first for if I did I would not want to leave Accra and go anywhere else. The Divine definitely wanted me to go to Tamale first. I was so right on that thought for the Sai group is one of the highest vibrations you can be around in Ghana.
So far as long as I had some patience I was given everything I needed when I needed it.
When I had to go to the bus station and get my ticket. Believe me this was not an easy journey for I found out that there are 4 different bus stations and they all go somewhere different. One of the guys at the hostel volunteered to take me because he didn’t have anything else to do. Worked great for me. The ticket trip was a breeze with only one sensory overload when we went thru the largest market in Accra, the Kheneshi market. That was a totally sensory overload for me. Crowds are a challenge for me.
I lived and spent the rest of my time communicating on the computers, reading the Gita and resting. Adjusting to the hot hot and humid weather Ghana had in the month of Feb. The trade off is there are less mosquitoes to deal with. When the little buggers carry Malaria..well……….let me say dry is good. Before I came a young couple who traveled thru Ghana turned me on to Neem oil as a mosquito repellant. It is not what you call the oil for lovers for the oil is a bit……pungent in smell. I guess that is why the mosquitoes don’t come near you. I wasn’t going over to Ghana to fall in love so this was not a problem with me. My only regret is that I didn’t buy the bigger bottle of Neem. It worked so well I can say I had less then 10 mosquito bites in the whole month I was there. I was pretty impressed and just delighted that I listened. Next time I will invest in the biggest bottle I can find of Neem oil. The stuff is just darned amazing. The Indians call the Neem tree the tree of life.
The bus was a 12 hour journey and the scenery was very beautiful. The farther north we went the more trees and vegetation you would see. I got to rest a bit, try not to watch some bad movies they were playing, read Sai Baba’s Gita while I was listening to Kenny Logins, doing my best not to think too much. I was feeling pretty secure for I knew I would be met at the bus station.
End of part 2. Part 3 is my adventure in Tamale.

my spiritual journey through Ghana part 1

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

My Spiritual Trip to Ghana by Cathy Bilsky.
Part one
I can call this trip by many names. Kissing it up to God or the faith program or Waiting on the will of God, The patience program or the great initiation. It is all relevant.

My initiation has not stopped yet for the tests go on. I have now worked 20 days straight with a lot of challenges coming at me I must keep meeting them head on along with just letting the Divine keep providing for me.

This trip believe it or not is about Quantum Leaping the world into the golden age. This is stamped on my soul. Not a frustrating mission to have now is it? I have been aware of this mission for more than 23 years. Yep I will admit it is a frustrating challenging mission that not too many people want to take on…guess that is how I got the mission, no one else wanted it.
Although this mission started many years ago I will tell you what made me decide to go to Africa and do a month of service work there. Many of you followed along and read my daily journal but no one knows but me what I really went thru…what I didn’t write about and now spirit is not letting me alone till I write about my journey from the spiritual persperctive…. from my perspective. Then I will have some mind peace again.
To quantum leap the world into the golden age it is my belief that you must start where it is the darkest. Re anchor light in that area and then the rest of the planet is easy. Because of this perspective of mine I was trying to get funding to go to Palestine for you must admit it is a pretty dark place right now. However no doors were opening for me to take my Angelite there to teach people how to heal with out drugs..or teach the curse removal or soul retrieval I have become very proficient at.
Curse Removal you ask…odd job for someone to take on. Yep it sure is I agree 100%. Believe me when I say I didn’t wake up one morning and say “self what will you do with your life?” Ahh yes , curse removal now that is an open field with very little competition. No I just morphed into it. Truly I think it was one of those jobs no one wanted to take on so I took it. OR it was on the fine print of my God, before I reincarnated into this life time, contract. I know I was first in line for I got a great job. I get to play with light, the angels, the elemental kingdom and crystals..and I get to take people out of pain and stress with my Angelite tools. It really is a great job and..this is a great part…I get to keep my connection with the Divine. I was just so excited I forgot to read the fine print of my God contract……ooops
I get to take on and free people from black magicians…..good times
Let’s jump to late November of 2009. I was impressed to go see a movie on the child soldiers of Joseph Kony of the Congo. I saw one dark magician holding 5 countries hostage. I saw a man that fed off of the lives of the children he kidnapped and forced into being soldiers. He is not kind to those who want to leave him and I will spare you all the gory details of what he does to the kids that do..when he finds them. I said to myself well Joseph Kony your magic is waning if you can be brought to a movie theater in my little town of Honokaa, Hawaii. You are no longer invisible and you have now got my attention. I also new I had to go to Africa to work with the child soldiers. What would I do with them? Well all I can do is offer them what my gifts are. My gifts are helping people heal without drugs using Angelite and love, curse removal and soul retrieval. I know not your normal 9 tp 5 job is it? However this is what I do and all I can offer.
Now I must wait on the will of the Divine to help me get there for I don’t have any money to do this on my own. I also felt like spirit was telling me to put up or shut up. I sat down in my crystal store looking at what I had to sell to finance not only this but to finance Quantum leaping the world into the golden age. The only thing I had of any real value was my 2 big earth keeper crystals I was the caretaker of for the last 18 years. We are quite attached to each other. I was being asked to release all I hold dear to me and for the first time ever I put them up for sale. No this was not an easy thing to do and they are worth a lot of money for both crystals are museum pieces. They are both Smokey quartz Elestials. The small 650 pounder is called an alligator elestial that looks like a turtle. I was asking $20,000 for him. My big over 1,000 pounds cathedral crystal I asked $100,000. If either sold I could begin to finance the quantum Leap into the golden age and take one month off to go to Africa..Pay all my bills and really have an easy time of it. Haha we make plans and God laughs. In this case the Divine wanted to see if I would give up that which I hold pretty near to my heart. It is only a rock and to do my mission yes I could sell them….no it was not an easy thing to neither do nor say they were up for sale.
I waited for the whole month of December. Then at the end of December I looked at my big 50 lb white crystal cluster I had in my store window for over 5 years which I was selling for $2000. I called a friend of mine and asked her if she would help me out and buy the crystal from me so I could go to the Congo. She said she would and as far as I was concerned the Quantum leap the world into the Golden age was on.
More than a week went by and I heard nothing back about the crystal. I knew I could do nothing until it was sold and I had the money in my hand and I was getting a bit frustrated. Not wanting to be too pushy yet I need to move forward. I went in to work on New Years day and I had a big miracle. A man came in and fell in love with my crystal and said he wanted to buy it and would give me cash if I let him have it for $1800. My head was spinning with delight. But first I had to ask my friend who originally said she would buy it if she cared if I sold it or not. She didn’t. I delivered the crystal to his house. He was happy. I had my money to go to Africa…well at least my airfare.
I thought to myself that I bought this crystal 5 yrs ago and she came with me on my first trip to Hawaii, sat patiently for 5 years waiting for her owner to show and that her energy exchange was going to such a worthy endeavor. Funding my trip to Africa. Maybe I would be able to stay the caretakers of my crystals? Time will tell.
I went on line and looked for where I was to go and Ghana was in the for front of my mind. I checked Ghana out and saw that they have one of the biggest refugee camps around. 25,000 refugees. That is where I am to go. I thought I would go to the middle of this camp and just do my healing thing.
I went on line and started booking tickets. Yikes. Spirit kept blocking me until I got the right times to leave. I had myself booked on a flight that left at 8am from Honolulu, which ment I had to leave around 6am from my island to get to Honolulu..and to do that I would have been up at 3 am to get to the local airport on time. I would then gotten to Accra Ghana at 9pm. Spirit just would not let me book that flight. I finally got the right flight that left at 2pm from Honolulu and arrived in Accra at 9am. Much kinder flight all around. I figured I could have everything together by the end of January and spirit told me to stay the whole month of Feb.
As soon as I booked my flight for Jan 28th the clock was ticking. Why did I give me so little time? The world needs to quantum leap into the golden age and I wanted to be able to look people in the eye and say I came as soon as I could.
During that month I focused on making the Angelite products I would take and getting what I needed to go to Africa. I didn’t have any suitcases or cloths to go. Spirit sent me in people who told me what I needed to take and what shots to get. To bring Neem oil for the mosquitoes and it was amazing how many people came into my store that had an adventure in Ghana and gave me great tips on what to kind of expect. I did not really focus on Ghana, although I did try and write a few groups to see if they wanted me and my skills. I never heard from them. So I focused on what was before me and I would work Ghana out when I got there. That way I would not get overwhelmed.
Spirit did not overwhelm me with a lot of money to do this and I was kept on quite a tight budget for the whole journey. My friend that was going to buy the crystal bought other things instead and spent $1,000 dollars which was a big boost to my budget and I paid for the yellow fever shot I had to get to get Ghana along with the malaria pills. Buy the end of the month I had it all together and had..i thought…the store covered with volunteers to work it. It was kind of going smoothly if I didn’t think too much or too far in advance.
I had a wonderful Hawaiian friend of mine and her fiancée who wanted to go with me ..The money never manifested for them to go. They would be one of my volunteers that would help me with the store while I was gone. I realized as I started the trip that this was an initiation that I must go thru alone..solo. Believe me I tried to get other people to come along and it all fell thu. A little thing like no one else able to come along with me ever stopped me from traveling by myself before..why would I make this the first trip?
This was a trip like no other I had taken before. I wasn’t focused on doing any sight seeing or any buying for the store. This was to be all service work. I was to teach and heal and give away all the Angelite tools I was to take. A total spiritual journey I didn’t realize I was taking till I was on my journey.
Two weeks before I was to leave for Ghana family and friends realized that I was going by myself..No group tours for me….all their fears began to surface. Let me just put it to you in simple terms. I was to be raped pillaged, plundered, and killed. If I had a death wish go to Ghana and make out my will before I go for I will need it. Thank goodness that scenario was cancelled cleared. My mission not theirs. I was also told not to go because Ghana was very Christian and the jerry fawells/ Pat Robertsons had a big influence on them . I would do more damage bringing my crystals than good. To which I replied I guess you are not going to vacation with me in Ghana. She did have a good point and had a lot of validity to it. Little did either of us know that Ghana has a very large Muslim population. They were who God sent me too.
Again it was my mission I was being told to go on not theirs. I had to hold on to the faith program knowing that God would take very good care of me and keep me safe. Geez if he wants me to do the work then he has to keep me safe..I thought that this was a great working relationship the Divine and I had. And if something happened to me and it was time for me to leave the planet…well I can say is that I had a good run and did my best for God and be able to leave with a clean heart.
The Sunday before I was to leave my Toyota hybrid car started to act up. I had it towed into the dealership and they said the inverter was going…$6.000 to fix. Hahaha. Not in my budget. After taking a lot of deep breaths I figured I didn’t need the car in Africa so I would just park it and leave it at a friend’s house till I got back. I would deal with it then. And maybe come up with a better solution.
I did my best to find volunteers to cover my store while I was gone and I knew I would not be able to focus on it at all while I was gone. Again I must have faith that it would be taken car of by the Divine. And everything would be ok. The faith program.
I packed my two suitcases with as much Angelite tools I could carry. I made whatever molds I had left and concentrated on making as many small tools I could so more people would have them. I think I took around 400 tools with me. And with the airline rules limited me to only 50 pounds each bag. Of course I also had 2 carry ons that held a few cloths I choose to take. I was carrying a little over 130 pounds of weight with me.
A few days before I left I had my state sales tax figured out and I had to send the state $640 by the end of January. Well the way my money ended up I had to choose between the state and having some money to travel with to Africa. After asking my accountant what all my options were if I didn’t pay the state taxes on time, I choose to just send the paperwork in. Still working on covering this bill. Spirit was giving me $685 dollars to go to And this is what I had left with all I had to get for the trip and believe me I was very frugal and got only that which I had to have. Spirit gave me $685 dollars to live in Ghana Africa for one month… Faith program again.
I was also given a very small back up program where a friend of mine offered to let me put $300 on his credit card if I had an emergency. I did breath a little easier with that tucked in the back of my mind. Toward the end of the trip I needed it..that story comes later.
I new I was being asked to take everything I have learned on a spiritual level and put it all to practical use.
When people asked me what I was going to do in Ghana I would reply I have an idea of what I will do when I get there but since I don’t know what it will look like when I get there I have no clue for I am winging the whole trip. I really did not want to think too much on what lay before me for I didn’t want to get overwhelmed. I just kept telling people that I would deal with Ghana when I am in Ghana.
Knowing I did not have a lot of money to spend I looked for the most inexpensive hotel accommodations I could find so I went to the hostels. For $15 a nite I would get a private room..I am so worth it. I made my main reservation at the Crystal hostel. I figure it had good reports and how can I go wrong with Crystal hostel….I have a love for crystals and it just made perfect sense to me. And they would pick me up from my first hostel I had to book. I thought 4 days would be plenty for me to get over jet lag and find a place to do my volunteer work with.
Everything was falling into place. I had to have total faith that whatever I needed would be provided by the Divine.
Again I must say that this was a trip that was to be all about service work. I was not to focus on any outcome, ask for anything in return and give away all my Angelite healing tools I brought with me. It wasn’t about sight seeing or buying products for the store. It was all about doing service work. Teaching people how to take people out of pain without drugs using my Angelite tools and Divine love. Well maybe have a little tiny vacation out of it too..oh wishful thinking. Dream on.
As I was packing I grabbed the SaiBaba Gita book to read. I had this book for over 7 years and could not read it. It seemed like a good travel book to take. Boy was I write on that account. I will call this book a guide for the advanced light worker that wants to have some quantum growth. It was a guide book that explained everything I was going thru or had just gone threw or will go threw. It tells you about the challenges you will meet and need to overcome. Not the specifics of what the challenges will be for they will be different for everyone. Just that it is part of the tests you will go thu and how you are suppose to act while going thru them. Quite the guide book and I am always so grateful when God gives you a heads-up on not only that the tests are coming..kind of like surprise pop quizzes and then tells you how you can pass those tests.
It was time for me to leave the material behind. Not think of my store or home or Hawaii. All my attention needed to be on the task at hand. Which was always what was right in front of me. I needed to keep a sharp eye out for the open doors so I would know what direction God wanted me to go in.
As I Got on the plane I left my old life behind to return a very different person. It is often said to allow the new to come in you must let go of the old. I kissed everything I had , store , apt., car, family ,friends all up to God and let myself be open to the new adventure I was on.
I will say here that for once I did not push my will forward for if I did I would have gone straight to the Congo. That is where Joseph Kony needs to be put in a position of harmlessness. If I would have done that I would have been in much danger and had a lot of drama for I travel alone most of the time. I allowed God to send me to the safest country in Africa right now. Which, I did not know till I was in Ghana. Ghana has a high vibration despite the corrupted government. It is like the united state..Our govt. is awful and corrupt but the people are nice. God could not have sent me to a safer place in Africa. Because I was unconsciously competent and listened I was safe and had a great adventure.
I still intend to go to the Congo when Sai baba, Prem Baba and all the other Divine beings sends me the right people to travel with. That mission is about group energy.
Time to leave for Ghana. Here I go lugging 130 lbs of weight..Mostly rocks. Time to let the old life go completely. I had my Sai Baba ‘s book for the light worker wanting to advance in the world of spirit. Course I didn’t know that yet for I didn’t start reading it till I was on the plane.

Part 2 will continue when I have time and energy to write.

Natural Healing Modalities That Work by Cathy Bilsky

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Natural Healing Modalities That Work. By Cathy Bilsky

Apple Cider Vinegar
Great for healing body fungus that is internal & external. Put 1 tablespoon in ½ cup water in the morning for eliminating mold & fungus and drink it before you eat. You can also use for eliminating foot/toe fungus, nail or fungus on skin. After every bath & shower pour apple cider vinegar over foot or use a washcloth to wipe infected area with vinegar and leave on. Do not rinse off. The more effort you put in to this the quicker the fungus will go away. I have had it clear up my foot infection in one week. If I feel it come back I dose it again with vinegar for a few days- or however long it takes to go away.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Put one pint of hydrogen peroxide into a bath tub and soak for at least 30 min. this will put oxygen back into your body. For a great healing cleanse add 1 to 3 cups of salt and one box of baking soda into your bath water. The salt and baking soda will help you detoxify.
Do you have trouble breathing? Get a spray bottle & fill it with clean pure water add 1 tablespoon of Hydrogen peroxide. Shake, spray it and breathe it into your lungs. You can make this stronger or weaker. If you start choking the hydrogen peroxide is cleaning out your lungs so cough & spit it out. People have gotten off of oxygen tanks by using this method.

Please be kind, gentle & loving to your self & don’t try and heal everything in one day.
Be kind to your body.

Angelite is a healing mineral from South America. Over the past 20 yrs I have had this stone heal burns and bruises over night, heal cancers , tumors, cysts, release headaches and stomach aches quickly. Heal broken bones in weeks and my hair is thicker and longer because I will put a piece of Angelite in water every day and drink it. Because it is a mineral it will slowly dissolve in the water. You are now drinking real mineral water. You can use it as a topical to heal skin conditions like hives, bed sores, cuts and scrapes. Just put a piece of Angelite over the part of your body that is in trauma and leave it there till it heals. Take it off when you take a bath or shower. I used an Angelite splint on my broken finger and healed it in 3 and ½ weeks.

Coconut oil
It is antiphrastic, anti fungal, creates laetrile which is cancer fighting. Great for internal & external use. To help you eliminate mold, fungus in the body drink 3 to 4 tablespoon full of coconut oil throughout the day. This does wonderful things in your body to help rev up your metabolism and you will become leaner as the weight melts away. To help you gain weight take 1 tablespoon a day, this will increase you appetite. I love it on my skin & face and have given up expensive Rose Hip oil for coconut oil. I have noticed small warts on my leg disappearing after I have used the coconut oil for a few months.
Coconut oil will melt at 76°; our bodies are 98.6° it will never turn solid when you drink it.
When it is cold & the oil is solid I put some in a glass (enough for the day) and put that cup in a bowl of hot water. It will melt in minutes. I pour 1 tablespoon full of coconut oil, drink it then wash the oil down with the juice (of you choice) or water. If you are really into coconut then cook with this oil too.

Sunflower or Sesame Seed Oil
This is Arevedic (Eastern Indian) medicine. Put one tablespoon of sunflower oil in you mouth & use it as a tooth mouth wash. Slowly swish it around your mouth, over all your teeth for 15 to 20 min. try & do this before you eat. 2 to 3 X’s a day. I will multi task and do this when I do my morning prayers and then again at night 15 min before I end my hydrogen peroxide bath. The spit it out & brush teeth. Do not swallow the toxic oil.
According to Are Vedic medicine this will pull all disease gently out of your body and they say that you can heal most diseases in you body in a year’s time.
I used to have very dry eyes and they cleared up after one X doing this. I have not had dry eyes since. Your teeth will whiten and start getting hard. My teeth have not ever been whiter. I also started doing sunflower oil mouthwash to help me heal my teeth & close my gum pockets. Page 1

Celtic Salt
Celtic salt comes from the salt marshes in France. It is full of minerals that we need. Use it for your food instead of bleached store salt. To use as a mouth rinse- I do this before I do the sunflower wash.
In one half cup of warm water, place 1 tablespoon of Celtic salt along with 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide mix and swish in mouth then spit. I am having my pockets shrink using this method.
If you have an abscess tooth & can’t get to a dentist you can put oregano oil or tea tree oil on it.
Oregano oil is effective but very harsh and very hot in the mouth like you just ate a hot jalapeno pepper. Tea tree oil is kinder. I grease my lips with Chap Stick so neither oil “burns” my lips. Then I put some on a q-tip and put it on the abscess tooth. This takes time to pull the infection out of the tooth. Sometimes I will do this before I use the Celtic Salt & sunflower oil gargle. If I felt the need I would put a dab of tea tree oil on the infection before I go to bed & leave it on for the night. Tea tree oil is an anti fungal/parasite oil, so it does wonderful things to your body as it gets into your system.

Cod Liver Oil (healing teeth)
This will put minerals back into your body & good for teeth, skin, and hair.

Bone Marrow Soap
For healing and strengthens the teeth.

NCP Miracle 2 Products 919-284-6002 (North Carolina)
Great for keeping skin clear of infection. It can be used for anything like dishes, clothes, and body.

NCP Miracle 2 Neutralizer 919-284-6002
Tastes like water. C The neutralizer can help eliminate fungus & mold in the body. You will loose weight as the fungus is eliminated from your body. I also drink it when I fee me ill or sick to my stomach.

NCP Miracle 2 Neutralizer Gel 919-284-6002
I use this for brushing my teeth (with one drop of green soap) and put the gel on my skin to protect my skin from the elements.

Not Good To Use
No fluoride in toothpaste. Fluoride is a rat poison. It will dumb you down (and make you sick, it affects your ability to think and you become docile. Also called couch potato syndrome. You do not have any energy to do anything and you just want to hang out and do nothing. No will no drive.) Fluoride can cause depression, chronic fatigue, and osteoporosis. Get enough in to your system and it will take you to insanity.

Cell Phones
Would you put your head in a micro wave and turn it on? That is what you are doing every time you use your cell phone. By talking on your cell phones you are putting radiation thru your body, which can cause thyroid problems, headaches, hair loss, etc. wear it on your hip and you can give yourself osteoporosis (brittle bone disease) and you can go sterile. No kids should have or use one. When on it you can cover 4 feet radiating everyone near. Have a portable phone at home? Get rid of it! It is a cell phone. Go buy the old kind-attached to the wall kind.

Page 2

Uncooked Fish
Any uncooked meat is loaded with parasites. DON’T EAT IT! No more uncooked sushi! Might as well go out and eat grub worms.
Some of the signs that you have parasites/worms are…. Runny nose around the full moon. Grinding your teeth at night, pain at the bottom of your heal and foot. bloating, stomach, gas, pain in stomach. Or if your have a tapeworm you will loose lots of weight. Go to the health food store and ask for a good parasite cleanse.

Any questions please call me at

808-775-9400 10am to 5 pm PST.

Cathy Bilsky
453611 Mamane St.
Honokaa, Hawaii 96727
Web site:
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All of this can be found at your local health food store.

The Angelite at your local rock shop or call me at 808-775-9400.

Not to be used in place of conventional medicine Page 3