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Prayer to help Reptilians become Awakened Spiritual Beings. By Cathy Bilsky

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

Prayer to help Reptilians become Awakened Spiritual Beings. By Cathy Bilsky

We are at war….now… today…. and the whole planet is affected. The war is between humans and satanic insane sociopath’s (many times pretty inbred)reptilians that would rather kill off the planet and all life forms before they see humans evolve as fully awakened spiritual beings. (Cancel clear). Please join me in sending these reptilians the energy they need to shift. We can take our time…and watch the planet and all life forms die…or we can make some effort and send those that are doing the damage the energy they need to move forward in light. The more attention and effort we make the quicker we can start to clean up the planet and live in Divine JOY.

May I offer this for your consideration?

Please say this prayer out loud once a day using the power of the spoken word.The louder, more feeling and intent you put into it will help us manifest this Divine Age quicker. Hold a crystal in your hand when you speak this prayer and the crystal will amplify your energy even more. Say this at the end of your Prayer/meditation circles when the energy is at its highest. Group energy is what this is all about and we need the energy of as many people as we can.

Send this prayer out to your friends and ask them to pass it on. See this power prayer going around the world .

Prayer to help Reptilians become Awakened Spiritual Beings.

Let there be light! In the name of the presence of God, which I am, through the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in me, I COMMAND:

We call to the Creator who has all the data, past, present and future of the reptilian personal blueprint to activate the information that allows for healing of all thoughts and memories that are blocking and holding reptilians back at this time from moving forward into enlightenment.

We call upon the Creator and ask for the permission to release all reptilian personality fragments, which have become our fathers, mothers, sons, daughters,spouses, relatives, friends, colleagues, customers, politicians, government officials and all ancestors, animals, insects, higher selves, over souls,avatars, masters, guides and angels, all other life forms and consciousness in Earth, in other stars and planets, in other galaxies, seen and unseen, known and unknown, who may have offended other personality fragments and consciousness, their family relatives, and ancestors, seen and unseen, known and unknown, in thoughts, words, deeds, and actions from the beginning of the Creation to the present, and all future potentials.

We ask the Creator for unconditional full forgiveness and untangle all vibration and frequencies between humans and reptilians; asking for the permission to activate the knowingness in all personality fragments and consciousness; ask for the permission and activate the cleansing of all personality fragments and consciousness, purify, release, dissolve, cut and erase all the unpleasant and negative memories, blocks, energies,information, vibrations and frequencies and, transmute these unwanted reptilian energies and information back to the pure Light, Now! And it is done.

We now close all inter- dimensional portals that the reptilians enter our world from including any portals being open from any satanic Babylonian ritual. As we close and seal these portals we make them invisible so they no longer can be used as well as cutting ties and neutralizing all satanic symbols that open gates for demons to enter.

We ask the Creator that if it is for the highest good of the earth and all life forms that the Creator steps in neutralizing the single white Chromosome that is added to the reptilians DNA that makes the reptilians more aggressive and war like.. We see it being replaced with a chromosome that makes them kinder and compassionate compelling them to speak only truth. We ask the Creator to reactivate the hormone in the reptilian brain that allows them to become spiritual beings.

This also lets the reptilians now be released from all addiction they have to the dense physical world and the sensations it offers. Let this release be done NOW!

If it’s for the highest good of the planet we ask the Creator to raise the energies and frequency/vibration fields that are affecting all inter-space planes that are between dimensions that the reptilians exist in. We send the violet flame thru these areas to transmute all lower vibrations/frequencies back to light as well as clearing out all addiction energies being held in those spaces that are feeding the reptilians. Let us now cancel clear all dark work done on any vortexes or portals. As this is done the earth begins to raise the vibration back to light freeing the planet of the lower vibrational pull.

We also cut all ties to Vril energy between humans and the reptilians that allows shapes shifting and

inter-dimensional travel. Cancel clear all psycho drugs that are suppressing human intelligence along with vaccines may it all turn to plane water.

We cut all ties and cancel clear all reptilian DNA energies activated by the vibrational frequencies created by the Illuminati satanic secret society rituals that activate demon possession by the reptilians especially in those that have the reptilian bloodline.

We are now cutting ties and remove all blueprint overlays that suppress reptilian souls as these overlays are removed they are now open to a spiritual existence. This also allows them to balance their male/female energies which will also allow reptilians to create a third force of divine potential.

We cancel clear all Illuminati secret society rituals that are activating the reptilian DNA in reptilians as well as human-hybrids. Instead we see these rituals being reversed and now empowering reptilians to reconnect to source. Love can and is changing their genetic coding reconnecting them to the Creator to become awakened spiritual beings that have unlimited potential.

We ask the Creator to step in and if it is for humanities highest good that all ties to the Annunaki/Nordic/alien/reptilian races are now cut forever. As these ties are cut we see a change in Hybrids and reptilians releasing them from the beehive mentality allowing them to become an individual who has memories now of individual choices, family bonding and freedom.

Reptilians you no longer have our permission to misuse humans past -present-future which includes the stealing –killing, making slaves of us our children nor any other human life form, unjustly imprisoning us for crimes that we did not commit, drinking human blood, eating human flesh and feeding off of human energy.

Anyone who chooses not to go forward into the Golden age and tries to stop this prayer from forward movement I ask their Higher Self, spiritual teachers and guardian angels to step in and put them in positions of harmlessness. Replacing reptilian rule with a spiritually awakened human in control of the planet.

We ask the creators to give reptilian’s special grace and unlock the doors in their minds that are keeping them from connecting to the higher frequency of light. Release all that which are holding them back. I ask all the creators to close down the reptilian part of the brain and open up the Divine God brain filling them with whatever high vibration is needed to shift them so everyone gets to go into the Golden Age. Leaving no one behind. Send these beings and entity’s whatever vibration, sound, color, and memories of being connected to the creator they need so they gently evolve into the light. The Creator, their higher selves and Angels know exactly what each one needs and are sending it to them as we speak.

As more reptilians awaken see us propelling ourselves far into the Divine Golden Age— way beyond the Creators wildest dreams of a Golden Age planet where humans and reptilians live in peace and harmony.

Never the less not our will but thy will be done.